KWP is a leading sustainable and ecologically conscious manufacturer of quality wood siding and trim board. At KWP,
we continue to design and innovate our product line to keep pace with an ever changing environment. Our success is
measured by our ability not only to meet but to exceed our customer’s expectations while maintaining the highest level
of integrity and environmental responsibility.

  • Eco-Side Rustic

    The rustic collection brings a timeless beauty to

    any architectural style. With a captivating color

    contrast of two-tones, your home will surely be a

    showstopper in your neighborhood


    3/8x8x12 LapGray
    3/8x8x12 LapYellowstone
    3/8x8x12 LapTorrefied Brown
    3/8x8x12 LapGranite
  • Eco-side Bold

    The beauty, authenticity, and warmth of wood

    siding but with a modern twist. Eco-side BOLD

    provides a distinctively dramatic style with rich,

    warm colors that will endure through the years


    3/8x8x12 LapCoffee
    3/8x8x12 LapKhaki
    3/8x8x12 LapCactus
    3/8x8x12 LapGranite
    3/8x8x12 LapOlive
  • Eco-Side Primed

    3/8x8x12 LapPrimed
  • Hampton Shakes

    1/2x8x4 Hampton Straight ShakesPrimed
    1/2x8x4 Hampton Straight ShakesCoffee
    1/2x8x4 Hampton Straight ShakesKhaki
    1/2x8x4 Hampton Straight ShakesCactus
    1/2x8x4 Hampton Straight ShakesGranite
    1/2x8x4 Hampton Straight ShakesOlive
  • Woodbury Staggered Shakes

    With the appearance and charm of authentic cedar shakes, Woodbury Staggered Shakes are the perfect accent for any home and are ready to mix and match with Eco-Side siding and trims.