Western Forest Products – Western Forest Products is an integrated Canadian company sustainably managing forests and manufacturing high-quality wood products on the Coast of British Columbia.

We source high-quality fibre from five distinct coastal BC tree species, each having its own unique properties, providing for the demands of our global customer base.  Our access to quality fibre, means our wide range of products are consistently available to discerning buyers worldwide.

  • Classic Clear Beveled, Reversible Siding

    Western Red Cedar bevel siding is the most widely used type of cedar siding. It is produced by re-sawing lumber at an angle to produce two pieces (each thicker on one edge than the other), with one face that is saw-textured. Depending on grade and customer preference, the other face can also be saw-textured or smooth. .

    WFP’s bevel siding is installed horizontally giving it an attractive shadow line which varies with the thickness of siding selected. It is available in the following grades:

    • Classic Clear: Quality appearance suitable for prestigious, refined designs.

    1/2x6Clear Cedar Bevel, Reversible
    1/2x8Clear Cedar Bevel, Reversible
  • Timbers and Dimension Lumber

    WFP’s Western Red Cedar timbers and rough dimension lumber can be used in engineered structures, including commercial, industrial and residential buildings where the strength and appearance of exposed wood members are equally important.

    The beauty of Western Red Cedar timbers and rough dimension lumber combined with their natural long-term durability and performance also make them ideal for landscape design and construction — including park and garden structures.

    WFP Western Red Cedar has a long history of withstanding the rigors of time and weather. Just add creativity and imagination to WFP’s Western Red Cedar timbers and rough dimension lumber to create inspired interiors and inviting outdoor living spaces.

    2x2Appearance Grade Cedar- Rough
    2x4Appearance Grade Cedar- Rough
    2x6Appearance Grade Cedar- Rough
    2x8Appearance Grade Cedar- Rough
    2x10Appearance Grade Cedar- Rough
    2x12Appearance Grade Cedar- Rough
    4x4Appearance Grade Cedar- Rough
    10x10Appearance Grade Cedar- Rough
    10x12Appearance Grade Cedar- Rough